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A question from a reader asked my fantasy. I don't do simple fantasies. What runs through my head (and eventually arrives at my cock) turns out to be elaborate and detailed.

My own adventures may be straightforward and move right toward sex. When letting my creative juices flow, my fiction requires set-ups and on-going details.

So here I present "The Company." You will want to read from the beginning, broken up into chapters.

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Sex doesn't start until Chapter Three.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Company: Chapter Eight: Joel

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I watched the men-in-black escort Djon from the room. Okay, so they weren't necessarily wearing black. They almost looked like they were on a golf outing -- some in jeans, some not. And even without those little ear thingies that made them look like they were guarding the president or something, it seemed like they were, indeed, a kind of security force to be reckoned with.

Jonathan came bounding downstairs and I watched as he crossed the room, almost ignoring. Jonathan had to be an Aries. Michael probably had to be a Taurus or an Aries. He seemed like one. Speaking of the devil.

"Guys, Michael's coming!" I said, looking out the back doors as he approached.

That was the queue for Jonathan to reappear as Michael stepped into the room.

"Hi Michael!" I added to the chorus of welcome back. Jonathan kissed him on the cheek and whispered something. A glance between them and Michael stepped into the room.

"Who can get me a Diet Coke?" he said.

I wanted to laugh at the guys darting for the fridge. I jumped off the tacky sofa and made a b-line for Michael, shaking his hand for actually the first time.

"I'm Joel," I said. "Last night I introduced myself as..."

"Rod," he said.

"Yea, as Rod." I turned on the fire in my eyes. Subtle though. This was no ordinary mark. I didn't need to hone in over the loud music or the crowds. "I'm really Joel. Joel McKindrey. Live in Midtown. Originally from Iowa."

"That explains the beef," Michael said, as Jonathan stepped away and one of the guys handed him a Diet Coke, already opened. But I didn't release Michael's hand. I kept his eyes, although I could see Michael's narrow a little.

"So, Joel, you're enjoying yourself?" he sipped the silver can.

I flexed one of my pecs and let it relax a little. "I could be having more fun. Some of these guys can be a little..." I paused for dramatic effect. "...shallow." I didn't wink fully, but enough that I knew Michael could see the slight inflection and notice my attention. I knew I needed to get his mind off whatever seriousness seemed to be going down in the world around us. The other men surrounded him, although several seemed to focus attention.

"I don't mind shallow, it has its uses," Michael said, eying my body. "But I don't mind a good conversation, Joel. Walk with me."

"No problem," I spun around and kept aside as we walked up the stairs, seemingly ignoring Zeke and up another set of stairs to the top most level where the Master Bedroom awaited. Michael closed the door behind us and started stripping.

"I didn't get much of a shower this morning," he said. "You can keep me company."

"Of course," I said, following him. As tall as Michael was, I was wide. I didn't bother to leave my clothes on. They were just shorts, so I stripped them off immediately and soon we were in the over-sized bathroom together.

"Scrub your back?" I offered.

"Never thought you'd ask," he said. "But that's not exactly a deep conversation."

"I don't know," I responded. "It might get pretty deep for one of us."

Now I did wink.

"Before we get too sexual, I understand we've had a problem or two around here," Michael said matter-of-factly.

"I don't think it's anything too serious," I said. "Nothing that should impact our time together."

The steam in the shower was now beginning to rise and I felt the temperature warm me up. I closed my eyes and began thinking of something to make me hard. It wasn't puppy dogs or girls or boys. I just needed to bone up so he'd think I was into him. And then, I walked forward and pulled his face down into mine.

A quizzical look appeared: "You kiss."

"That's not all I do," I pulled away, knelt and began sucking his already hard cock with ferocity. I'd been taught a few techniques. Not particular good, but well enough to get me by.

After a respectable blow job that he seemed to enjoy, I stood and leaned in for a kiss.

"Ah, you kiss and you suck," He said.

In between kisses, I responded, "Not all."

That's when I turned around, spit on my ass, and lowered it a little on his cock.

I know it wasn't romantic. I wasn't much about romance and, I bet, Michael wasn't either. I was right. Within moments, he grabbed my hips and I no longer did anything. He did all the thrusting. And within moments, under the steamy, soapy water, he let the cum burst forth into my hot beefy ass.

I groaned with him.

As we parted and cleaned up, almost like business partners, I placed my offer: "I told you these guys are shallow. You can fuck me. Anytime. They get you hot and bothered. Come back and see me. Use my ass. They won't let you use their ass. Use mine. Deep. Anytime."

I kissed him and stepped out.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Company: Chapter Eight: Zeke

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Okay, so this shit ain't fucking what I expected. And being that I ain't exactly knowing what I'm doing here with these guys, I don't know what the fuck to do right about now.

"Is there any way I can just get a ride home?" I asked Jonathan.

"Sure Zeke, if you don't want the twenty-five-thousand-dollars, we can get you home," he said. But it was the way he said it. Slow. Deliberate. Twen-teeeee. Five. Thou-sand. Dol-lars. Fuck. That's so fucking much money. Last year, when I did my tax return, I made less than that. It's fucking April and I've made more than fifteen and I've only been working at the Cock Swing for a couple of months. And I'm going to more than double it in a weekend.

"I guess I can stay, but dude, this is pretty fucked up."

"I know, Zeke," Jonathan said. "I just need to understand what's going on with Djon and the drugs."

"I don't know man," I lied. "I mean, he's got blue and shit like that. I don't know anything harder than that."

The Djon dude had the Cock Swing place wrapped up and he wasn't about to let ole Zeke work his magic. Not that I'm some sort of big time dealer or some shit like that. But I've got pharmaceutical connections for grade A business better than the CVS. Okay, so it is the CVS. Easy to get the blues of all flavors. A little harder to harvest the oxy and vicas, but we manage.

But Djon just didn't want to competition, so I kept the profile low. I felt like walking but my cock swinging got the best of me when I started rolling in the dough. Not that I'm swinging a baseball bat or nothing. It's more like a beer can. Thick dong. And it just got the boys hot for it. I can take a $20 and on a good night, when I'm feeling it, wrap it around my cock and each end almost won't touch.

The queers just fucking love the thick motherfucker.

I don't do a lot of VIP because I don't take a 15. I require 45 or an hour. That guarantees me at least 500. One night, I got a good whale and he paid me a good $3K to lollipop me for the whole hour. Didn't even have to pop.

One guy asked me to pop. I asked him for a thousand. He paid. It took 10 minutes. I walked in, jerked on his face. The splash was huge when I finally managed it. I'm not really into men but he was definitely not my type if I were. He gave me an extra 100 and had to go home his shirt was so wet from my spunk.

But all my pharmaceutical trade is off the books and since my girl got busted from her work at the Pony, I need to be careful of the cops. And unlike Djon, I don't indulge in anything from the shacks, so no meth or E or any of that crap. Well, except for the occasional Mary Jane. We all love a little toke now and then.

"Are you sure Michael wants me here?" I asked. "I mean, I am a little darker than the others." I point out the obvious of being the only African American among the bunch.

"I do believe Miguel is at least partially black," Jonathan said. "But I believe Michael saw other attributes in you that he liked."

"This?" I pointed at my cock.

"No," Jonathan said. "While Michael may be gay, he's definitely not about the cock. I believe it was your chest and arms."

I look down at my bulging dark pecs and hulking guns.

"Whatever," I said. "He doesn't like my cock? I mean, it's thick."

"I'm sure it is, Zeke," Jonathan said. "Thanks for answering my questions." Jonathan headed dwn the stairs to the noise of the others.

He doesn't like my cock. Damn. I thought all fags liked a big cock. Maybe I need to rethink my game.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Company: Chapter Eight: Ryan

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"With any luck, Michael won't notice Yancy is missing," Jonathan told us. "But I will take care of that. I'd ask that you keep the topic off limits. And I'd appreciate it if you'd avoid indulging in anything other than what you need to perform over this weekend."

Jonathan looked around the room.

"I've taken the liberty to contact a doctor and for those of you in good health, I have procured Viagra and Cialis in various strengths. In order to be responsible about this and not to run into any other problems, one or two of you at a time may go visit a physician at the next cottage over," Jonathan continued. "He will also have antibiotics and other medicines for you. No questions asked. He'll give you a full body work up as best he can. He'll be available all weekend at any time with a nurse practitioner. Even if you aren't going to need it, this is among the best healthcare you can get at absolutely no cost and no forms, no insurance and no records. Gentlemen. This is important. I cannot have a repeat. We're lucky this occurred while Michael was absent. Now any questions?"

The room was heavy with silence. Tension remained and I knew it would snap soon. But no one spoke. Our code of silence kept us quiet. Djon looked pleased.

"All right," Jonathan said. "Michael has even more pressure on him after this meeting and will be returning momentarily. You guys better start lightening the mood up." Jonathan seemed to pause to listen. "Djon and Chase, head over to the physician's cottage since you two were rooming with Yancy. They want to make sure it wasn't a virus or anything like that."

About that time, two men in black appeared. Now, interestingly enough, they didn't wear black suits, but black t-shirts and black jeans with black sunglasses. I never saw those funky little wires to their ears like you'd figure.

I figured this would be a last hurrah before being shipped off. I'd joined the Army, despite the huge British Naval Battle tattoo across my chest. I figured at 24 I needed to start making something with my life and the military might have something to offer. Good news is the shitstorm in Iraq had calmed down. Bad news was a brand new shitstorm was starting up in Afganistan. Good news was George Dubbya was out of office. Good news was Obama was in office. So I figured there was more good news for the military than bad, so it was time. My older brother had survived two tours and seemed no worse for the wear.

In fact, he seemed damn finer for it.

Last time we were home, we had another one of our brotherly sessions, off out by the lake all night, I think we went through almost seven six packs. We'd made it through the Miller Lite and part way through the Buds when we stopped pretending and started at it. I guess we finally were getting at what we truly knew about each other.

He did it to me the first time when I was 11 and he was 15. He never truly told me who did it to him, but I always thought it was Dad before Mom kicked him out.

The last time he was home, we were a little more drunk. And last time, we kissed after he fucked me. This time, he kissed me before we were even completely naked. Beneath the stars, along the side of the lake in the warmth of those tattered old sleeping bags we'd had since kids. Who knows how many cum stains were on them already. Not enough beer in our systems now. We both knew what we were doing. We both knew what we wanted.

He kissed me. Even in the darkness, our eyes met and I could see his.

"Bro," he said. "All I could think of after Wanat when I was on patrol there was you." He'd been there, in a small village somewhere in bumfuck Afghanistan and something bad had gone down. "I wanted to do that. I don't know why."

So it was out there. We kissed more. And that night, he fucked me and fucked me slow. We drank more. A lot more. He told me more stories about the shit that went down in Wanat and what the news didn't tell us about the rock ants and towel heads. Then, he got sloppy. He cried. And then he begged me to do something I never thought I would. He begged me to fuck him.

My cock stood harder than I ever had before and I found it easy to slide into my brother's ass. Even though I'd cum twice when he'd fucked me earlier, fucking him just earned me a new life through my cock. He begged for my cum. He wanted to take it home with him to the Army. And I left him all the babies I could.

That was when I decided I had to join my brother. Even if we couldn't fuck in the Army together. I wanted to be closer to him.

Toward the morning, I fucked him again and he fucked me. We'd each taken two loads from each other. It seemed fitting.

And now, here I am waiting to see if someone or someone else will fuck me or if I get to fuck someone before I go off to war. Before I go off to see my brother again.

"Ryan, walk with me a moment," Jonathan said, passing me and walking upstairs toward the main floor of the house.

I followed him, wondering what's up. I've borrowed a couple of blue in my day, but I know my winning smile and my body is my selling point. Getting a hard cock is never a difficulty I've really had except after a couple of VIP dances where I've popped. Then it becomes more of a problem.

We landed upstairs and walked toward the main kitchen when Jonathan turned and faced me.

"Is Djon a drug dealer?" he asked.

The question was blunt and direct. I felt no option but to answer honestly. And, well, fuck, I'm leaving soon.

"Yup," I said. "He's the primary supplier for the club. Mostly Viagra, Crystal and Cocaine. Some Ecstasy, basic uppers, some Oxycontin and occasionally other designer drugs and painkillers. Some guys like Cialis."

"What about Chase?" he asked.

"As far as I know, Chase only goes blue occasionally," I said. Then I see the questioning look on Jonathan's face. "He uses the little blue pills sometimes like Viagra or V. That's what we call it in the club. Going blue or using blue."

"Understood," he said. He then tapped a place just below his ear. "Garland, it's just Djon. Chase is clear. Make sure the doc gets a look at him." Jonathan looked at me. "Thanks, Ryan for shooting straight. I thought you would. Is there anything you'd like us to do for you?"

"Huh?" I asked.

"Think about it," Jonathan said. "We can do things. I understand you've enlisted and your brother is in the Army. We can get you on the same base, maybe on the same unit, if you'd like."

That made me nervous a little. Did they know? Wait. I mean, it's just my brother. "Ah," I said. "Yea, I mean that would be cool."

"Let me know," Jonathan said. "Also, Michael really likes you. He remembers you from a previous visit. You were very nice to him. He loved your tattoo and your smile. Spend some time with him. Make him feel good. You've already made a good impression. Do that, and you will leave here very happy. Now head down and send up Zeke."

I was a little shocked, but backed away. "Sure thing."

My brother. Maybe I would be near him. I headed downstairs.

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The Company: Chapter Eight: Miguel

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Da water was warm as I jumped in. Kinda interrupted a tender moment between da jarhead and da kid. But it was cool cause it was all about da whale papi and his lovin' and he wasn't around. I needed to get out of the testosteroni village over who supplied bad drugs.

We all know the D-man givin' all the drugs up in here and we all know about that but I just don't wanna be about that scene. I'm livin' all clean and that. Jarhead and da kid kept huggin' but I just swim a bit and cool off to wait for things in da house to be back to norm. Maybe the Jon guy come and get things chill soon. Or maybe I go find some work out.

Dis whole money action might be cool. I enjoy the cash. I mean we all do cause we're here and all. All bout lookin' for the score for the cash. Suck my cock for a Benjamin. I give more for more, you know what I mean. I like the ladies but they all bout wantin' you to shell out monies for them and I don't have the cash.

I work at a Golds over in Decaturs and occasional do some one-on-one trainin'. You be surprised how many married men want to get in shape but they really payin' to suck on this uncut blatino wonder of a thick cock. I got this one daddy who pay me two just to squirt it in his face and blind him. If I'll then spray him clean, I'll earn another.

He then go home to his Jewish wife and pretend like he had a great work out at the gym. But he gain more weight and she don't notice. I wonder if she's banging some tennis pro or something.

Looks like da jarhead is going to wrinkle up with da kid, so I'm going to go get some rays. A little cool in the breeze, I know.

I lays on one of the chairs and let my mind wonder. I wonder if I'm going to get fuck by one of the other guys here. Possible. But I gots a big cock so maybe I gets to fuck them. Da kid, he gots a thin ass but it would be so sweet to watch my dark thick massive cock disappear into his thin little lily white ass. I mean, wondering where it all goes and all.

Someone blocks the sun.

"Miguel," Jonathan says. "How's it's going?"

"All right man," I says. "Just catching a little rays."

"Everything all right in the house after Yancy's departure?" he asks.

"I think the guys all worried and all bout who brought the stuff, you know?" I says. "But I'm staying away from it."

"Gotcha," Jonathan says. "Well come on in the house soon. Michael will be returning."

"Sure thing, boss," I says.

I close my eyes for a moment as he goes over to the pool. It's going to be a weekend to remember. But at least I'll sees more than a few Bejamins.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Company: Chapter Eight: Kevin

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He still shivered against me but I didn't mind. I knew he wasn't cold but his body reacting to the human warmth I was showing him. I'd seen the reaction before to people I'd reached out to before, even in Iraq in the heat of that God-forsaken place. Sometimes, when I'd wear my old combat boots on stage, I could swear I could feel the sand inside them still. I'd go backstage after the set and try to dump them out. Again. My brain screwing around with me again.

My shrink kept telling me it was all right to inspect things, but still, I know these little ghosts might never disappear.

I was on a type of disability -- not completely disabled and not completely on duty and not quite discharged. I was in the mess hall when a guy in my unit when fucknuts and started shooting the place up. He killed four and wounded seven before I took him out. Well, mine was the kill shot, or that's what I was told. Several of us converged and took aim, messing him up big time to stop the shooting. But I didn't hesitate. I went for the head.

So I moved home to Atlanta and my Aunt and Uncle happened to have a small, unoccupied guest house available. Of course, they'd been using it for storage for the last decade so I'd been cleaning it out.

At 27, I'm older than most around here. And Aaron is young. Very young to be doing this.

Sexuality isn't a solid line. The Marines certainly taught me that. In the all-male combat units surrounded by enemies with the only entertainment as booze and our cocks, we do some fucked up hazing. Nothing so homosexual that we'd queer out.

"Shoot 'em up circle jerk" is probably my favorite. I've lost that one on purpose. Twice. You stand in a circle and jerk off with a shot glass. The objective is to get as much of your cum in the shot glass. The last one to cum has to drop the shot glass (with ever how much cum is in it) to your beer.

With so much testosterone around me, I can usually pop off quick, but I delayed on purpose to try it out once. I got a little shit but used the excuse I'd whacked off to my girl the night before. I didn't mind the taste. Made my beer a little more bitter.

Aaron got my attention before but I feel like a perv paying attention to him. He seems to like it though. I wonder if someone so much younger can get into me. Yet I guess this weekend isn't about him and me. It's about this whale of a Michael. When we stepped outside, I could see him across the lake with another guy I didn't recognize.

Sharpshooter's eyes. Never fail.

"Better?" I said, looking down at Aaron in my arms. He seemed to have calmed down. At least, he wasn't shivering as much.

"Yea," he said.

But I could feel his hardon still against my leg. And I had a bit of one too.

"As much as I'd like to advance this, we're supposed to save all the play for our whale," I told him.

"Why do they call him a whale?" Aaron asked.

"I think it comes from Las Vegas," I said. "Casinos call people who have a lot of money, 'whales.' Maybe it's because they come from Japan. I don't know."

"Ah," he said. "Didn't think he was fat."


"Mike," he said. "The whale?"

"No," I said. "He's not fat."

We paused and I looked down at him and his green eyes. Still in my arms. I could feel another shiver through his body. And I did something I've rarely done before.

I kissed him. I closed my eyes and in the next few moments, the house disappeared. The sand was gone. The club. The pool. The whale. The water. And all of could feel was him and his body against mine. The moment our lips touched seemed more than electric. As if the entire universe compressed into a single instance and met in his perfect lips that touched mine.

While I never thought of myself as gay, straight or bi, I now thought of myself as wanting him. At 27, I'd longed to have sex with many other humans. This was the first time I just wanted to exist with someone else.

I wonder what he felt.

"Save the fun for the whale boys!"

Miguel spoke and the bubble that surrounded the moment shattered. I held on to Aaron, who seemed to be breathing harder. I looked at him. He seemed distressed.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry!" he said. "I couldn't help it!"

I looked down between us and could see the milky white substance floating up from his still throbbing cock. Now I know what he felt.

"Don't be sorry," I whispered. "It will be fine. I'm here."

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The Company: Chapter Eight: Aaron

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The ambulance left. Felt sort of naked. I had agreed to it. Kept the shirt off. Didn't mind being without a shirt. Spent a lot of time naked. Yancy was a cool dude. Knew he had trouble with the drugs though. Don't know why cause he was cool and all.

Still don't know why Mike picked me. Not muscular big like all the others. Guess my age got me in or something. Just 19. Started at the club right after high school. Actually tried college for a little bit. Never really did good. High school was easy. College was not.

Dad did not like my quitting 'tude so had to get a job. Heard about the club from a high school bud that was gay and all. Tried it out. It worked good.

Funny thing. Not sure if I am gay or not. Do not mind the guys giving head. Sometimes it feels kind of good. Girls doing it feels good too. Not sure which feels better.

So Yancy was cool and all. Sometimes he freaks out a little. Djon is a bad influence. He is bad for all the guys. Do not know why the club keeps him. Guess the boner pills keep business up. Guess it is needed to keep the gay guys coming.

Jonathan tells us all to act like nothing happens with Yancy. Guess that is fine. Mike is paying for fantasy or something hot. Guess all these guys get him going.

Go searching for some juice or something. Find some fruit. Good stuff, really fresh. Chatting a little with the Kevin guy. He is like a Army guy or something.

"I've seen you around the club some," Kevin says. "How long have you been working there?"

"About four months," I say. "So not long."

"You like it?" he's got tattoos but not as many. When I started driving, I started getting tattoos. Stars along my left side, along my hip and all along and tight abs and even around my nip. South paw here. Like being a lefty. Proud of it. How I show it. Ram's head middle of my back between the blades. Irish shrocks and my last name like a necklace. More schrocks on both ankles and a fighting leprechaun on my right ass cheek.

Want more. Ink likes me. The sensation of the needle biting into muscle, skin, bone just feels right. Goes into another place.

"You like working at the club?" the Army guy asks.

"I don't mind," I say. "It pays the bills."

Work all week. Make good bank. Got two regulars seeing on the side so pulling in $2,000 to $3,000 a week. Been putting money in the bank in case things get slim.

Army guy is taller. He must be six feet. At five-three, he towers over me. He is also broad and probably around 220. Around 100 pounds here. Seen his cock. It is about seven. So am I.

"Sorry about Yanc and all, but you gotta watch the drugs," Army guy is kind of whispering.

"Yea," is all I say.

He takes a drink. How much hair he has on his body. Wow. All over. Light. Hairy. Barely see it all. But it is there. Have none myself. Except above cock and on head. Weird.

"Want to go outside and check out the pool?" he asks. Still looking at the hair. On his pecs too. Around these nipple. Lots of it. See it on his shoulders. Wonder if there is some on his ass.

"Yea," I say.

He laughs. "You don't say much, do you kid?"

"No," I smile. "Not much."

We walk outside. Sun is bright. Lake is beautiful. Some guys already swam in the pool. Said it was heated. Looks nice. Not cold although only spring. Eighties outside. Chills a little with breeze. Goose bumps.

"Little chilly kid," Army guy says. He wraps his right around. Pulls close to that hairy bod. Shiver. Not from cold. Now he hugs. "You okay."

"Yea," I whisper.

He looks down. "You sure kid? You're shivering! You don't have a lot of meat on your bones!" He is hugging. Tighter. Feeling that hair all over him. All over me. Weird. Cock getting hard. The pool is not far. "Want to go inside or get in the pool?"

No one is in the pool. Lots of guys inside. Kind of like being alone with him. Weird. Seen him at the club. Never really talked.


Pull away. Turn away so he cannot see my hard dick. Get into water. Stop shivering. Then he is there.

"I noticed," Army guy pulls me close. "You like me holding you."

Cannot speak. Kissing now. So warm.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Company: Chapter Eight: Yancy

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My cock never got big enough, but I kept going back to the jungle. I knew I shouldn't. I'd work out all week, working my body harder, telling myself I wouldn't go, but Wednesday night would roll around and I'd know by then I was fooling myself.

I fooled myself a lot of the time.

I told myself it was the last time for Tina. Yet I'd do another bump. She'd always call and D would be there to supply. I mean, jeez, it just felt so good. I'd tell myself I wouldn't let D come over late at night yet there he would be with a bump and I'd be naked and taking it.

I'm a dumb jock. I know it.

So all day Friday, I spent at the gym, sweating out Thursday night's bump. My arms are massive and my chest is huge. But when I look in the mirror, I know it needs to get a little bigger. If I wasn't scared shitless my balls would drop off, I'd pump up with another cycle, but too many roids already has my tits sensitive as hell.

So I don't indulge that anymore.

D didn't work Thursday night because he'd heard a whale was making it in Friday, but I needed the cash so I did. As usual, though, D breezed through to check on the guys to see if anyone needed a bump or some blue. I passed like a good boy but he winked at me. I knew what that meant. My ass twitched. I couldn't help it.

My muscle-boy body stepped on the stage and I did my straight boy dance. I actually can dance but I pretend not to cause I think it makes me more cash. I strip my body bare of any hair thanks to a waxing from some cheap Asian place down the street from my cheap flop apartment. I'm two blocks from a Gold's and four blocks from an American 24/7. I go to both seven days a week. I eat chicken and rice along with steamed veggies most meals. Never any bread. I like it lean. I have a futon on the floor and an Xbox 360 in my apartment. I own six pairs of jeans and 17 t-shirts. I like to brush my teeth. I get zits on my chin. That bothers me.

I wish I was taller. Five-foot-five isn't tall enough.

So D comes over after I leave at four and I swing by a waffle house for a quick grilled chicken breast. Janie there knows me and usually has one with mashed potatoes waiting and a milk to go.

I'm halfway through when my phone beeps. It's D. "Bump n bump."

I shouldn't but I can't help it. I stop eating. I text back, "Y" and unlock the door. I grab the lube and lather my ass and flop onto the futon.

I hear D come in and the jeans drop. His dick is so thick and it's already around my hole. I reach back for the plastic bag which D hands me. I ignore the pain as his thick head enters my ass and bring the bag to my face, trying to find that magical powder and inhale it deep.

The pain dissipates and whatever D is doing doesn't matter.

I'm able to work my muscles all night and day in preparation for the whale. When D's cum along with my earlier meal leaks out into the diaper I'm wearing, it's easy to dispose in to gym's bin.

* * *

Chase is looking kinda weird as we're shooting pool. He's always seemed cool but I've never gotten the vibe off him. But I kind of am now. Maybe this whale action is getting Chase to decide which guy he wants to fool around with and maybe that guy is me.

Not a bad choice. I mean, Chase is smaller than D, at least in the thickness department. Gotta like that.

Good thing D carries more uppers or else I'd have crashed. Tina can be a bitch when she's not fed. D says he's got some coke upstairs too and I might need some of that too to keep me up. I noticed a good workout room here with a few machines. Not the free weights I'd like but still.

"Your shoot Yanc," Chase said.

"Groovy," I look over the table and notice it's spinning a little. I'm crashing. Fuck. But I can focus on the cue ball so I take a scratch shot. I move toward D and make a whisper. "Hey, I need to see our friend."

"No now," D says, nodding toward the Jonathan guy, who's keeping an eye on the room like a den mother or something.

There's lots of men in black around here. It's like we're fucking around with the president or something. I don't know who this guy is -- the whale I mean. I don't know him. I've met some good whales. I'll never forget meeting that big name movie star. The one who's married and short and claims to be religious and all. But let me tell you, he can fuck good. I know. I got him in the ass. D and I partied with him and I made bank that night. D got more but I made a good thou.

But now I'm dizzy.

"Yanc, you okay?"

You'd think with this much money, he could afford a table that stays still.

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